Bay Area Nerd Girls (BANG) is a meetup for GEEKY, DORKY, & NERDY girls to meet like-minded ladyfriends.

What is this BANG thing?

Bay Area Nerd Girls (BANG) is an interest-based meetup. Members could be interested in any of the following: Sci-Fi, Anime/Manga, Comics, Cartoons, Academics, Design, RPG, Boardgames, Gaming, Cosplay, and the list goes on. Whether you consider yourself a geek, nerd, or dork, it doesn’t matter — every girl is welcome so long as she’s open to meeting all types of friends. We’re a friendly and open group who loves to gather for adventures like movies, museums, tea parties, cosplay festivals, kite-flying, trampoline park, you name it.

BANG is only open to those who identify as a woman. We are emphatically trans- and queer-friendly. If this sounds like you, we’d love to meet you. Must be 18+.

Nerd Geek Dork Dweeb Girl Venn Diagram with overlapping circles intelligence, social ineptitude (featuring sweet cat icon), and obsession (featuring stack of books)

“I immediately felt welcomed by the group and the girls were awesome! ”

Nina, BANG member

“Nerdastic, very friendly”

Brittney, BANG member

“I love this meetup! :D”

Becca, BANG member

“This group is the best I've been to yet! I can't wait for the next meetup! ”

Nicole, BANG member

“Super fun!”

Stacy, BANG member

“Welcoming, intelligent, awesome.”

AJ, BANG member

“Great group of girls... I feel like I get along with almost everyone I've met, which is rare for me in large groups! ”

Lindsay, BANG member

Hi? Can we be bestfriends? This group sounds amazing.

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